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    Baby Hooded Towels | Buy the best for your child 


     Baby hooded towels are your need and want for your baby. Usually babies don't enjoy bathing in winters. It's because of cold weather. In such a situation, you should wrap up your baby in a soft, fluffy hooded towel. 

     Baby hooded towels, available at our online store, help in both drying and moisturizing your baby. At the same time, these towels add on more cuteness to your baby's soft skin. Our store contains both summer and winter collections. So, you can purchase any product based on your preferences.  

  You can use these towels not only after bath, but any time.  

      Baby towels, at our store, come in many great varieties, sizes, color contrasts, and patterns. Our store contains towels specific for baby girls, baby boys, and nursery kids.  

Baby Hooded Towels for specific gender and age group: 

For baby girls: 

     Baby towels for girls are available in many bright and dark colors with different contrasts. The fabric is 100% organic with beautiful printed patterns.


For baby boys: 

       You can purchase from a large variety of towels for your baby boys, with best affordable prices. These towels for baby boys constitute of soft and absorbent fabric. This fabric helps in drying the baby after bath, as well as, in moisturizing the body.  


For Nursery kids: 

      Affordable and best quality towels, for nursery kids of age 3 or above, are also included in our online store for purchase.  

Choose the best baby hooded towel: 

     While shopping for your baby's bath essentials, buying a soft, fluffy, and absorbent towel needs a great choice. At that time, our great collections of baby hooded towels is there to take care of your baby's health. These towels are washable and can be used after several washes. 

Materials of baby hooded towels: 

      The material of towel plays an important role in your child's health. The materials, from which towels are made, are cotton, silk, wool, and organic fabric. 

Cotton Muslin Towels: 

     Mostly hooded towels contain cotton as a fabric. Our great collections of these towels contain beautiful printed patterns, which are made ready to use. 


Fabric Properties: 

     These towels contain Muslin cotton and the back covered with soft, absorbent cloth. This muslin fabric with terry cloth gets softer with every wash. 

Hooded towels with animal ears: 

     These hooded towels have animal ears on both sides. Sometimes, after bath, baby starts crying. So, at that moment, wrapping up your babies in an animal ears towel can make them happy.  

Fabric properties: 

      These towels constitute of thick cotton and terry fabric. This material contains good absorbent properties and soft touch. 

     These fluffy animal ears hooded towels best suit the children of one to 24 months. But, parents also use them for 3 years and above age’s kids. 

Organic towels: 

     Organic towels do not contain any synthetic material. All the fabric material contains organic sources. For example, in “organic bamboo towels” bamboo is the source of material. Babies have soft and sensitive skin, and even a little synthetic chemical containing fabric does a lot of harm to them.  

     So, organic fabric towels best suit your child’s hygiene and health. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 


What advantages baby towels have over simple towels? 

     First, Baby hooded towels cover your baby's shoulders and head along with the body. Second, they give a cute, nice look to your baby. Third, you don't need to dry both body and head separately. You can do all this with one baby hooded towel. 

Can we wash these towels in machine? 

     Yes, you can! You can wash these towels many times even in simple washing machine. So, buying one time a baby hooded towel is your lifetime deal for your baby. 

Can I get free shipping for my order? 

     Yes, you can get! If you do a purchasing above $100, then shipping is free of cost for you.  

How can I place an order from your store? 

     You can simplify visit our website. Check out the different categories. Pick a nice product of your choice and place an order right away. You will receive your delivery at your doorstep in no time. 




     All the baby hooded towels, displayed on our website, constitute of 100% organic fabric, having great durability, and completely washable. You can also hand-pick these beautiful, trendy, and soft towels as gifts for your family and friends. 

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